Klein Law is a family law boutique that has been offering clients in the Greater Toronto Area, effective, innovative and alternate approaches for their family law needs since 1984. Whether facing marriage or partnership breakdown and challenges, the team at Klein Law will offer you quality representation that meets your specific needs.

At Klein Law, our clients can expect to work with those who understand their unique situations, answer their questions honestly and protect their rights and interests with fair and personalized out-of-court and court settlements, including alternate dispute resolutions.

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Building lasting relationships with our clients through competent counsel and caring service.

At Klein Law, it’s our hope to change the stigma of the “uncaring lawyer”, by creating a good lawyer-client relationship. A good working relationship between lawyer and client, not only makes it easier to handle the emotional strain of family law issues, but also produces better results.

To be fair and “up front” with our clients, at the initial interview, clients are presented with the opportunity to review our Contract for Legal Services, a full scope legal document which sets out our fees and costs to be incurred and which also defines our legal relationship with the client.

Although our clients’ interests are always paramount, we choose at all times to act in an ethical and fair manner in all dealings with “the other side.” Although it is our client who gives us instructions as to the “ends” to achieve, it is the lawyer who decides how the case is “managed”.

(With the exception of abuse cases), our practice is more “meditative” and “collaborative” rather than “litigious”. What this means is that we are not “hired guns” and that we practice law in such a way as to promote “out-of-court” settlements whenever possible.

At Klein Law, it is our desire not only giving “good legal advice,” but “having a heart for people”. We want to build lasting relationships with clients through competent and caring service.

Clients deserve attention and this means:

• returning phone calls in a timely fashion
• copying all court and other documents and correspondence to clients
• giving a realistic assessment of the case
• providing financial accountability
• listening and taking instructions from clients
• not forcing clients into a position they don’t want or can’t live with
• holding clients’ information in strict confidence – privacy is so very important!
• using our BEST efforts at ALL times
• treating all clients equally
• kindness, understanding and sensitivity from all of us

Our roles include:

• advising a client on how the law would apply to a case
• negotiating a settlement to the extent possible
• protecting the rights of a client
• advocating where parties cannot settle


Meet Marty


Hello, my name is Marty Klein.

I’ve been a family law lawyer having practiced throughout the GTA for over three decades.
My real passion is to keep matters out of court, for I have come to understand the divisiveness (and needless to say–costs) often associated with the law model.

It’s time to empower people to bring resolve in their own rather than by strangers.

I am an accredited mediator by the Ontario Association for Family Mediation and also trained in arbitration, the collaborative process and in parental coordination. Additionally, I am a board member of the newly formed Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario (FDRIO); member of the ADR Institute; member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals; member of the Peel-Halton Collaborative Practice Group; member of the Association of Family Conciliation Courts (AFCC), Chair of  Mediation-Arbitration Peel and board member of the Ontario Deputy Judges Association.

Aside from dispute resolution, I am a Dispute Resolution Officer (DRO) in the Superior Court at Brampton and a Licensee to place children for private adoption in Ontario.

I tend to keep myself involved in numerous committees and community agencies and as a member of the Family Lawyers Association, Peel Law Association, Ontario Court (Family) Bench & Bar Committee at Brampton and past chair of the Operations Committee, Toronto Family Court (311 Jarvis Street). For many years I was an instructor for the Law Society of Upper Canada’s Bar Admission Course.

Above all else, is my relentless commitment to “fairness” and pursuit of “no-court” resolution of conflict.

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