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Don’t misunderstand us, but please let’s be clear – we WILL “fight” for you, however, if you’re “out for blood,” we’re the wrong law firm for you.

At Klein Law we understand that Family Law is about people and relationships; most times, relationships gone bad. Solving complex family problems requires both effective advocacy and skillful negotiation. It also requires the ability to listen and understand one’s needs. We can assist you in all areas of Family Law.

Our practice, which is more meditative than litigious, is to promote out-of-court settlements. This is to the client’s advantage!

Please contact us today to speak with a Family Law Lawyer. If you’re simply browsing and would like some preliminary information, which should give you some initial guidance and direction, please visit our Resources Page and browse these links:

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Divorce & Separation


When your family, finances and future are at stake, let Klein Law help you reach a fair settlement.

Divorce and separation are always serious, complex and challenging matter, especially when an individual’s family, finances and future are at stake. At Klein Law, we treat every case as significant; ensuring that appropriate parenting plans, financial support, property division and tax resolutions are successfully managed. When outside experts are required, we work with teams of people who, with your consent, will be called upon to step in and assist.

No matter how difficult your situation appears, you are not alone. Contact us today and let Klein Law help you reach resolution so that you and your children can move forward with your lives.

Child Custody


Start this new chapter as separated or divorced parents on the right track.

When parents have made the decision to separate or divorce, the next important decision they have to make concerns the care of their children. Parenting arrangements can take several forms, taking into account the children’s living arrangements, specifically their physical residence, and parental decision-making in the children’s day-to-day upbringing. These are not easy to work out and have lasting effects and repercussions.

Let Klein Law help you make decisions surrounding your family issues affecting your children, such as custody, access and child support, so you can move forward and start a new chapter in your life – on the right track.



From proposed adoption placement to the legal adoption completion, Klein Law is with you every step of the way.

To adopt a child, there are three basic “factors” you need to consider.

1. Actually finding a child.

2. Getting a home study done by a Ministry approved Adoption Practitioner.

3. Determining what type of adoption you are seeking. There are different procedures, legislation and agencies in Ontario for domestic and international (inter-country) adoptions and relative and stepparent adoptions.

In Ontario, private adoptions are handled by individuals known as Licensees and Adoption Agencies, both licensed by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.

Marty Klein is a Licensee, licensed by the Province of Ontario to place children for private (domestic) adoptions within Ontario. As Licensee, Marty is responsible for the overall management of a proposed adoption placement and subsequent probationary period, until the legal completion of the adoption.

Marty also handles relative and step-parent adoptions, guiding you through the obtaining of consents and the final Adoption Order.

Family Dispute Resolution


Reach settlement without court involvement.

There’s a better way of managing and resolving conflict – and doing so in a dignified manner. As a result, we have developed a practice in Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) in order that our clients may reach settlement without court involvement.

Visit We Mediate, a division of Klein Law – GTA’s Family Dispute Resolution Centre to learn more about “alternate” ways and means to facilitate “disputes” in order to reach “resolutions” that are far more cost effective and which involve far less emotional entanglement.

To arrange a one-hour consultation with a Klein Law family lawyer, call 905.272.2540 or email us.

WeMediate-with-slogan WE MEDIATE, a division of Klein Law, is GTA’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre offering legal services to settle family, business and workplace conflicts out of court.


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